Marina Tower is not just eye-catching from the outside. The more than 500 apartments are absolutely stunning inside and fashionably furnished with modern amenities. Four different categories ensure that everyone and anyone has what they need – for singles, couples and families. The categories offer above average ceiling heights, which give the apartments a spacious feel. We also offer different high-quality bathrooms in the various categories. Individualists are given the opportunity to choose from several different parquet and tiled floors to design the apartments based on their own visions.


Here you can find information about the equipment in your apartment.
The videos explain the functionality, operation and maintenance of the equipment. 


FAcade ventilator SOlar protection Video intercom intercom Fan 


Lingving space ventilation Room control panel CAT. 1&2 Room control panel CAT. 3 


For a detailed description of the building and the interior please use the contact-form.


You can get a detailed tour of the different types of apartments and equipment in our 360° tours below.

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Marina Style
3.-11. Level

Marina Premium
12.-29. Level

Marina Superior
30.-38. Level

Marina Penthouse
39.-41. Level

Marina Tower