BUILT TO make YOUR DREAMS come true

At Marina Tower, the focus is on future residents' dreams: 
safety, harmony, happiness and satisfaction.

Even at first glance you can see that Marina Tower is no ordinary apartment building. The one-of-a-kind housing project consists of the two “High Rise” and “Low Rise” residential towers. In front of these is the Marina Deck – paneling over a large area of Vienna’s famous Handelskai, which provides a direct link to the Marina Yacht harbour as well as the promenade on the right bank of the Danube. The loggias, balconies and patios around the façade give the building an inimitable vibrant look and feel. Overall, more than 500 high-quality and luxuriously furnished apartments – from 45 to 305 m² – are spread over the two residential towers. On the roof of the Low Rise, a patio with the best location in town invites residents to sit back and relax. Younger residents will also find something to be excited about thanks to the patio’s playground.

Marina Tower